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Drawing for Dummies . . . "a really, really basic drawing tutorial" - with FRED OSTHER

Okay, you have been asking for this, so here it is! This is drawing concepts 101, nothing figurative, no abstract concepts . . . this is keeping it simple . . . one point, two point and three point perspective, general composition, light values etc. These are all of the basic drawing skills required to be a representational artist . . . the building blocks and cornerstone of what we do as painters.

This is a two, half day course - short and sweet. Four hours per day. Fred Osther will be your instructor  - a fine gentleman, a very fine artist, and a fabulous teacher. The two days will be $150 incl. taxes. You will need only a few very basic supplies - the list will be supplied upon registration.

This mini workshop will be capped at ten people, so please book early as IT WILL fill quickly.

Phone 604-250-5562 to book or use the contact feature on the home page







  1. Day 1 - Introduction - 1/2 hour

  2. The Right Size (Proportion) 1 1/2 hours

  3. The Right Place (Composition) 1 1/2 hours

  4. Day 2 - Review - 1/2 hour

  5. The Right Shape and 3D Illusion (Values) 1/12 hours

  6. Capture the Moment (Gestural Drawing) 1 1/2 hours