Dene Croft Studio & Gallery offering painting lessons and workshops


For those of you that have not yet found your ‘stride’ as painters, we offer painting classes in the studio five days and two evenings per week.

Painting lessons are of a three hour duration and there are four lessons to a block. The cost is $200 and you can elect which days and times (Monday to Friday, 10am until 3pm, and Tuesday and Wednesday evenings between 6pm and 9pm) works best for you. Days and times can be changed from week to week allowing for your learning experience to be as flexible as possible. Absolutely all levels are welcome. Your ability is not important. Your desire to learn how to paint obviously is.

I cannot promise to make you a “superstar” painter, however my commitment to you is that I will share every trick, technique and nugget of information that I employ when I am painting. In return I ask that you commit to at least four classes (one block) and complete those no more than one week apart. Should you have to skip a painting class you are welcome to make it up on any other day or evening within the same month.

The techniques that I employ when I paint are built around the oil medium however for most subjects, acrylic will work as well.

I run a bit of an old fashioned studio and the supplies that I use to create paintings don’t include much beyond 10 (or so) basic pigments, medium, canvas and brushes. That being said, to keep your cost to a minimum, I can provide you with a list of suggested art supplies and materials. All are available from your local art supply store and represent the limited material stock that I use in creating a painting.

Welcome to my studio.