The new studio is really BIG . . . 2800 square feet of open plan, creative space. It is an artists dream, and has for many years been my dream. The dream became a reality in 2015 when I was forced to move my former studio due to over development and lack of rent control. What, at that time felt like a devastating blow, turned into an amazing opportunity for growth and advancement which allowed me to develop enhanced atelier programs and offer a "resident mentoring" program. This program is an opportunity to paint under guidance without any limitation on time spent in the studio. The serious artist will be able to remain permanently set up, be part of a very large, productive studio and benefit from exposure to a fine art appreciating public and the various courses and workshops that run out of the studio. There are six spaces in total with a monthly fee of between $200 and $480 per month, depending on the program you choose; and for the resident mentoring artists - depending on the location within the studio. All have a view over the main floor of the studio, yet maintain an element of privacy with a location on the mezzanine level . . . a bit like an artsy tree house.  There is currently a waiting list for this program, so please call or e-mail if you are interested and we will arrange an interview and a studio visit.