Classical Drawing with Mark Anthony


Master graphite artist Mark Anthony conducts monthly classes in classical drawing at the Dene Croft Studio.

His is a practical and inspiring approach based on old masters examples as they illustrate key disciplines in observation and drawing. Designed specifically with painters and the advancement of painting skills in mind, the classes focus on fundamental skills such as:

  • Contour measuring and drawing

  • Analyzing and copying significant masterworks

  • Understanding light form and value studies using sculptures

  • Learning key aspects of anatomy

Knowledge of these principles will allow you how to see through the eyes of understanding and to render the subject with simplicity, grace and visual power.  

All levels welcome... even if you are a novice and have had no experience drawing.

Classes run every Monday. To provide flexibility, there are two classes - one at 4pm, and one at 7pm. Each class is 2 !/2 hours long and the 7pm class is a repeat of the 4pm class. On registering for the course, you may choose one class per week at the time that best suits you. Your choice of day can be changed at any time with prior notice.

The course in its entirety runs for 12 weeks at a total cost of $600, however you may take one 4 week block at a time, and while seeing the course through to completion is recommended, it is entirely optional. Your only commitment is to a single 4 week block at $200 for the block. (4x3 hour classes)

Each course commences on the first Monday of each month

Please contact the studio for registration information.