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Drawing fundamentals with Mark Anthony

Drawing fundamentals with Mark Anthony . . . January 2018 through December 2018,

Guest artist/instructor Mark Anthony will be hosting a comprehensive drawing course for all levels. Subscriptions will be available in four week blocks for $180, renewable at the end of the four week block as often as you wish - you may choose to take a single block or share Marks' creative journey throughout the year and expand your drawing skills to an atelier level.

There are two evenings, and three different time slots to choose from. Every Monday , 4pm until 6.30 pm and then again from 7pm until 9.30 pm. Every Thursday, "the young masters" program ( more suitable for our younger artists), starting at 4pm and ending at 6.30pm


This is a practical and inspiring drawing course based on old masters examples as they illustrate key disciplines in observation and drawing. Designed specifically with painters and the advancement of painting skills in mind, the four weeks will be filled with exercises in:


- Contour measuring and drawing

- Analyzing and copying significant masterworks

- Light form and value studies using sculptures

- Key aspects of anatomy


Solid principles will teach how to see through the eyes of understanding and to render the subject with simplicity, grace and visual power.  All levels welcome . . .even if you are a novice and have had no experience drawing.  This is a four week course hosted by master graphite artist Mark Anthony

Beginning with drapery studies from Leonardo and Michelangelo we will move forward through time exploring great paintings and sculptures of Europe.  Using drapery models and demos you will learn the magnificent compositional aspect of drapery by the great masters and their understanding of the natural dependency on the underlying form.  They left nothing to chance.  


Much like sculpture drawing, this study relies heavily on an understanding of the behavior of light, shadow, volume and form. As a compositional study, you will learn to exploit the nature of fabric to idealize the proportional beauty of the underlying figure and demonstrate the superior value of drawing from the standpoint of understanding as well as observation.


Bring your favorite anatomy book.  We will reverse engineer each drawing example and rebuild it anatomically and proportionally.



6pm until 9pm, beginning Monday, August 28th 2015

Dene Croft studios


Space will be limited to 8 artists so if you would like to book a place in this course phone the studio at  (604)250-5562      or reply to this e-mail, and forward a cheque made out to Dene Croft in the amount of $180 (includes taxes) and send to the studio at the address below.

Dene Croft studios
118 Pemberton avenue

North vancouver, BC

ph (604) 250-5562