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Gaye Adams . . . Daily painting

Daily Painting with Gaye Adams

Saturday, July 7th and Sunday July 8th

The eye sees far more accurately than the camera lens does, and the practice of working from a three dimensional subject matter as opposed to a two dimensional photo reference is a difficult yet highly rewarding experience. It is the super highway  sharpening your painting skills.  It is scales and arpeggios for the artists eye.  Our ability to see accurately is like a muscle; it atrophies when we do not use it, which is why the practice of working regularly from life improves our painting and drawing abilities dramatically.  There is no model to pay, no mosquitos or wind to distract us, so this method of training the eye is both convenient and effective.  It’s also fun.

In this course, all painting is done from small still life set ups – each student sets up and lights their own still life arrangement -  and paints on small supports; nothing bigger than 6X8”.  The goal is to paint exactly what you see, not in a tight fashion, but in an authentic and accurate way, seeing the correct tonal, color, and spatial relationships.   If there is anything you are not seeing accurately, the painting will inform you immediately – which is why it is such great training.

A medium in which it is easy to make changes works best, which is why I suggest oils or pastels because both mediums remain workable throughout the painting process.  I will be working in oils but artists in other mediums are welcome to join in – instruction will focus around drawing, composition, color mixing, seeing the correct tones, etc.  

In this workshop, the day will begin with a demo by the instructor, and then students will start on their own small paintings and should get  one or two  paintings done each day. Fundamentals such as composition, drawing, tonality,  and color mixing will all be covered.

$250 for the weekend. Please call the studio at 604-250-5562 to book or use the contact feature on the main page.