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Leanne Christie . . . the urban landscape in oil

Leanne christie - the urban landscape


This advanced workshop is about one thing: Understanding the language of oil painting: Concept, Colour, Contrast, Brushstroke and Complexity.  You will hopefully feel challenged as this workshop doesn't deal with the technical aspects of oil painting nor is it a how to.  This weekend is for the brave who are comfortable feeling lost and for the curious who don't mind pushing themselves as they strive to understand more about the sentences which their brushes create.  The 2 days are designed to heighten your awareness of the strengths of your medium, understand your viewers triggers, be conscious of the evolution of the painting and to troubleshoot your way to a painting which uniquely reflects your aesthetic.

 This is the workshop for you if you're feeling a little trapped or repetitious in your work or if you are simply looking for a way to be looser and freer in your approach to painting.  Leanne specializes in oil paint and can impart a deep knowledge of the abstract qualities of oils but acrylic artists are welcome to attend (please email ahead of the workshop if you plan to use acrylics) 


Please call or use the contact function on the main page to make reservations. Space is limited to ten participants $250 inclusive. Ph. 604-250-5562