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Lalita Hamill . . .

"Brushwork Essentials - Clouds, Rocks and Water"
Saturday and Sunday, Sept 24-25, 2016
Time: 10 am until 4pm both days

Lalita will provide a step-by-step series of exercises and studies in which participants will learn about brush technique while painting a variety of clouds, rocks and water.  We will begin by identifying the natural visual patterns created by tonal values, shapes, and textures, followed by instructor demos and extensive hands-on practice.  Techniques will include the following: brush grips, effective loading and appropriate consistency of paint, and application techniques such as pressure, strokes, dry brushing, blending and glazing.  Attention will also be given to creating a mood and eye flow by creating a variety of hard, soft, lost and found edges.  

This course can be for anyone using acrylics, open acrylics, or oils.  

Supply list:
Enough canvas to complete 12 small (5”x7” and 8”x10” studies), which could be in the form of:
-    A pad of canvas paper sheets, or
-    loose gessoed canvas (rolled, and can cut to size in class), or
-    large canvases on which we will ‘tape off’ smaller areas to do studies, or
-    canvas boards or stretched canvases, 6 of each size

Acrylic painters will need a small bottle of acrylic gloss glazing medium, Golden brand.

With respect to all other supplies, please just bring what you have.  There is no need to buy anything new.  However, if you do not have any supplies, the oil colours I will be using are the following.  I have placed a star by the ‘must-have’s’ if you do not yet own any paint:
-    Titanium white*
-    Yellow ochre*
-    Cad yellow medium*
-    Hansa yellow (or lemon yellow)
-    Cereulean blue*
-    Cobalt blue
-    Ultramarine blue*
-    Payne’s Grey (optional)
-    Burnt Sienna*
-    Cadmium red light
-    Cadmium red medium
-    Alizarin Crimson
-    Burnt Umber*
-    Raw Umber