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"expressive portraits - animated figure studies" . . . Dene Croft

Portraits . . . a bit of a dirty word for many artists - the intimidation factor is high, the genre itself, often considered a bit stuffy and possibly even a little irrelevant in this century. 

Lets call them "human studies" rather than portraits. Human studies with ambiance and a touch of attitude. The building of a successful portrait is steeped in technique and the mystery and intimidation factor, once removed makes this a fun an incredibly rewarding process.

Working from your well lit photograph, I will spend two days with you building a successful portrait from the ground up - lots of hand holding here and lots of demos throughout the weekend. We're going to turn the clock back 500 years and explore four master techniques - grisaille, alla prima, sfumatto and glazing.

This is fun stuff . . . really!

$240 including taxes

Call the studio at 604-250-5562, or use the contact feature on the contact page to book