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Perspective drawing 101 with Kiff Holland

                    Perspective 101!
with Kiff Holland


This is perhaps the most essential of the drawing programs - if you have an interest in developing your drawing techniques to advance your painting, or are simply interested in building a foundation of understanding in the fundimentals of perspective drawing - this is definately your best first step. 

- Establishing horizon

- Parallel Perspective - 1 Point

- Oblique Perspective - 2 Point

- Ariel Perspective - 3 Point



- Cubes, Circles, Cylinders, Cones, Spheres, etc. in perspective

- Dividing depth into equal parts

- Drawing elevated planes in perspective

- Drawing curved planes in perspective



- Shadows in perspective

- Reflections in perspective


- Interior and exterior architectural examples

- Drawing figures in linear space

- Floor Plan Projection

- A bit of cool history . . . Canaletto, Uccello and da Vinci.

we know that it all sounds very technical but this is afun course - lots of hand holding 

All of my painting students (you know who you are!) that have been struggling with perspective - this course is the one that we have been talking about.

    Six consecutive Monday evenings beginning Monday April 27th
  7pm until 9pm.
  Cost - $220
  Instructor: Kiff Holland

Please call the studio or contact me through this website if you would like to reserve a place for this course, and mail a cheque made out to Dene Croft in the amount of $220 to the address below before April 20, 2015 

Holland Croft studios
303/106 west 1st street,
North Vancouver, BC