Renaissance atelier drawing with Mark Anthony
to Jan 7

Renaissance atelier drawing with Mark Anthony

Classical Drawing with Mark Anthony . . . January 2018 through December 2018,

Guest artist/instructor Mark Anthony will be hosting a comprehensive drawing course for all levels. Subscriptions will be available in four week blocks for $180, renewable at the end of the four week block as often as you wish - you may choose to take a single block or share Marks' creative journey throughout the year and expand your drawing skills to an atelier level.

There are two evenings, and three different time slots to choose from. Every Monday , 4pm until 6.30 pm and then again from 7pm until 9.30 pm. Every Thursday, "the young masters" program ( more suitable for our younger artists), starting at 4pm and ending at 6.30pm


This is a practical and inspiring drawing course based on old masters examples as they illustrate key disciplines in observation and drawing. Designed specifically with painters and the advancement of painting skills in mind, the four weeks will be filled with exercises in:


- Contour measuring and drawing

- Analyzing and copying significant masterworks

- Light form and value studies using sculptures

- Key aspects of anatomy


Solid principles will teach how to see through the eyes of understanding and to render the subject with simplicity, grace and visual power.  All levels welcome . . .even if you are a novice and have had no experience drawing.  This is a four week course hosted by master graphite artist Mark Anthony

Beginning with drapery studies from Leonardo and Michelangelo we will move forward through time exploring great paintings and sculptures of Europe.  Using drapery models and demos you will learn the magnificent compositional aspect of drapery by the great masters and their understanding of the natural dependency on the underlying form.  They left nothing to chance.  


Much like sculpture drawing, this study relies heavily on an understanding of the behavior of light, shadow, volume and form. As a compositional study, you will learn to exploit the nature of fabric to idealize the proportional beauty of the underlying figure and demonstrate the superior value of drawing from the standpoint of understanding as well as observation.


Bring your favorite anatomy book.  We will reverse engineer each drawing example and rebuild it anatomically and proportionally.



6pm until 9pm, beginning Monday, August 28th 2015

Dene Croft studios


Space will be limited to 8 artists so if you would like to book a place in this course phone the studio at  (604)250-5562      or reply to this e-mail, and forward a cheque made out to Dene Croft in the amount of $180 (includes taxes) and send to the studio at the address below.

Dene Croft studios
118 Pemberton avenue

North vancouver, BC

ph (604) 250-5562


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Ann Willsie . . . the impressionistic landscape . . . Mixing colour . . .
to Mar 18

Ann Willsie . . . the impressionistic landscape . . . Mixing colour . . .



MARCH 17 AND 18, 2018



This two day workshop is designed for beginners and intermediate students -  all mediums welcome. Ann works in oils, but you are welcome to bring acrylics/watercolors, pastels, etc.

This workshop will focus on color:

1.     Mixing your colors – how to create your own palette of selected colors

2.     Saturation of colors

3.     Values – one of the most important aspects of your painting

4.     Luscious greys – how to mix them and where to use them

5.     Cool and Warm Colors


We will be preparing a color chart for everyone to take home, as well as a small value study in monocromatic colors.

Ann will be doing a demo each morning,  followed by one-on –one instruction for all participants as you work on your own paintings.

WILLSIE-ANN_-_Icelandic_Poppies_-_36_x_36_oil_on_canvas (1).jpg


Please phone the studio to make a reservation - 604-250-5562, or use the contact feature on the main page.

Cost: $250 inclusive. Payments can be made in person, by mailing a cheque, or e-transfer to

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Maria Josenhans - atmospheric landscapes . . .
to Apr 15

Maria Josenhans - atmospheric landscapes . . .

Maria Josenhans . . . atmospheric landscapes in oil

Join Maria for a two day adventure in painting moody, atmospheric landscapes in oil. Learn how to mix a variety of different greens, warm and cool greys. This is a workshop best suited to intermediate and more advanced painters. While this workshop involve some plein air techniques, your weekend will be spent in the expansive new studio in North Vancouver.  Maria will introduce colour theory and mixing colours with a focus on greys and greens and will be demonstrating throughout the weekend.

$250 for the two days. Supply list available upon registration.

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Gaye Adams . . . Daily painting
to Jul 8

Gaye Adams . . . Daily painting

Daily Painting with Gaye Adams

Saturday, April 29th and Sunday April 30th

The eye sees far more accurately than the camera lens does, and the practice of working from a three dimensional subject matter as opposed to a two dimensional photo reference is a difficult yet highly rewarding experience. It is the super highway  sharpening your painting skills.  It is scales and arpeggios for the artists eye.  Our ability to see accurately is like a muscle; it atrophies when we do not use it, which is why the practice of working regularly from life improves our painting and drawing abilities dramatically.  There is no model to pay, no mosquitos or wind to distract us, so this method of training the eye is both convenient and effective.  It’s also fun.

In this course, all painting is done from small still life set ups – each student sets up and lights their own still life arrangement -  and paints on small supports; nothing bigger than 6X8”.  The goal is to paint exactly what you see, not in a tight fashion, but in an authentic and accurate way, seeing the correct tonal, color, and spatial relationships.   If there is anything you are not seeing accurately, the painting will inform you immediately – which is why it is such great training.

A medium in which it is easy to make changes works best, which is why I suggest oils or pastels because both mediums remain workable throughout the painting process.  I will be working in oils but artists in other mediums are welcome to join in – instruction will focus around drawing, composition, color mixing, seeing the correct tones, etc.  

In this workshop, the day will begin with a demo by the instructor, and then students will start on their own small paintings and should get  one or two  paintings done each day. Fundamentals such as composition, drawing, tonality,  and color mixing will all be covered.

$250 for the weekend. Please call the studio at 604-250-5562 to book or use the contact feature on the main page.

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BARRY RAFUSE . . . Succumb to abstraction!
to Jul 15

BARRY RAFUSE . . . Succumb to abstraction!

This two day course instructed by renowned abstract painter Barry Rafuse, is designed for artists wishing to explore painting in abstraction.  Participants will be encouraged to combine art materials (mixed media) and to experiment - always for the purpose of producing "surprises".   Artists will be encouraged to approach their paintings loosely and playfully.  This will be an opportunity to paint without rules and restrictions and to explore.  Splattering, scratching and smearing could be a good thing!  It will be a time to relax and have fun while at the same time seriously work toward completing a strong painting.   Demonstrations will be given will be offered throughout the weekend. Suitable for artists of all levels however some experience would certainly be an advantage. 

$250 for the weekend. A comprehensive supply list will be provided upon registration. Please call the studio@ 604-250-5562 to register. Limited to 10 only participants    

$250 for the weekend. A comprehensive supply list will be provided upon registration. Please call the studio@ 604-250-5562 to register. Limited to 10 only participants



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Leanne Christie . . . the urban landscape in oil
to Oct 7

Leanne Christie . . . the urban landscape in oil

Leanne christie - the urban landscape


This advanced workshop is about one thing: Understanding the language of oil painting: Concept, Colour, Contrast, Brushstroke and Complexity.  You will hopefully feel challenged as this workshop doesn't deal with the technical aspects of oil painting nor is it a how to.  This weekend is for the brave who are comfortable feeling lost and for the curious who don't mind pushing themselves as they strive to understand more about the sentences which their brushes create.  The 2 days are designed to heighten your awareness of the strengths of your medium, understand your viewers triggers, be conscious of the evolution of the painting and to troubleshoot your way to a painting which uniquely reflects your aesthetic.

 This is the workshop for you if you're feeling a little trapped or repetitious in your work or if you are simply looking for a way to be looser and freer in your approach to painting.  Leanne specializes in oil paint and can impart a deep knowledge of the abstract qualities of oils but acrylic artists are welcome to attend (please email ahead of the workshop if you plan to use acrylics) 





Leanne will supply the urban landscape photographic reference.


Please bring the colours that you are comfortable with and which fit the 3 important requirements listed below:


·      RYB palette which consists of a warm and cool of each colour


·      Include a vibrant medium green

·      Paints should be low cost 200ml tubes

Please call or use the contact function on the main page to make reservations. Space is limited to ten participants $250 inclusive. Ph. 604-250-5562

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Drawing for Dummies . . . "a really, really basic drawing tutorial" This is a three day follow up to last years tutorial with FRED OSTHER
to Feb 11

Drawing for Dummies . . . "a really, really basic drawing tutorial" This is a three day follow up to last years tutorial with FRED OSTHER



This is a three day follow up course to last years workshop. In this course Fred will be focusing on the same topics and skill developing exercises, but allowing more time to explore and develop each topic. 


Monday Feb 5th, Saturday Feb 10th and Sunday Feb 11th , 2018, 9:30 am to 3:00 pm each day

$200 per participant for the three day course. 

Instructor:  Fred Osther


Title: “Back to Basics – A Drawing Tutorial”




This tutorial will help students understand the basic skills an artist uses to create accurate and expressive drawings.  It’s a hands-on session working through a proven approach of four basic steps.  Absolute beginners and more experienced artists who are interested in a structured approach will enjoy this course.


Drawing is an acquired skill that is best learned one step at a time starting with simple basic shapes and progressing to complex line work. It is an essential tool for any artist whether they want to sketch on holidays, compose a painting or create fine artistic drawings.


Of course, practice is essential and this course will help the student identify their strengths and weaknesses and what to practice on their own to improve their drawing skills.


Over the 3-day session, we will work on:

1.     The Right Size:  Proportion and construction lines are the foundation of any good drawing.

2.     The Right Place: Composition and perspective create a sense of space within the flatness of our page.

3.     The Right Shape:  The correct outline may be a finished drawing, a plan for adding values or preparation for painting colours.

4.     The Illusion of 3D:  Values create form and mood as the artist decides how the final drawing will tell its story.


Fred Osther:  I have been drawing almost all my life.  Over the past 10 years, I have had the luxury pursuing a personal program of art instruction, mentoring and painting in watercolour and oils.


Many workshops with excellent instructors and courses at the Ontario College of Art, Toronto, Angel Academy of Art, Florence and Gage Academy of Art, Seattle provided a sound foundation.  Over the past 3 years, Dene Croft has mentored me through the challenges of painting in oil.  This drawing course was first developed and taught at Dene’s studio.


For me, drawing and painting is a visual journal of places, people and things I’ve seen.  I can’t imagine enjoying the process or outcomes without first learning “basic” drawing. 


I strongly believe drawing is an acquired skill like riding a bicycle.  It’s easy to forget the first steps we took.  After a few scrapes, we finally get past the driveway and onto busy streets.  Now it’s second nature.


Many professions use drawing as a communication tool such as engineers, architects, interior designers, fashion designers and fine art students.  Most do not start their training already knowing how to draw.  It takes lessons, often many…but they all get there and so can you.




·      11”x14” sketch quality drawing pad

·      4B, 2B, HB, 2H pencils

·      sharpener

·      vinyl eraser

·      12” ruler



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DEBORAH TILBY . . . back in the studio again!
to Feb 4

DEBORAH TILBY . . . back in the studio again!

I love Deborah's work . . . loose, impressionistic, fresh and painterly; her beautiful compositions and painterly style hit every mark in with respect to building  paintings in the high impressionist style. This is an oil workshop - a weekend of discovery and sharing of Deborah's extensive knowledge and experience. A little about the artist in Deborah's own words . . . 


I am a representational painter who works both in the studio and in the field.  Most often I am attracted first by the light and shadows which I want to capture in a simple and painterly manner, and then by textures and detail; my struggle is to find a balance between the two. It is something I am always working towards, always seeking to 'loosen up' yet still capture some of the detail that interests me. Although each painting, each subject, asks for its own approach and treatment.  
I was eighteen when I did my first painting, a watercolour, and I was hooked.  Watercolour captivated me for the next 25 years.  I lived in England for part of that time and was passionate about painting European street scenes,  attracted by the textures and subtle colours of old stone and brick and the narrow streets offering interesting perspectives.
I now live on the west coast of British Columbia and have been working in oil for many years, still painting buildings and streets but also exploring the local landscape and getting out to the many beaches, finding inspiration in boats, marinas and the sea. I am passionate about my work; I truly love it and paint every day.  Painting is a challenge, but always fascinating and deeply fulfilling.

To reserve an easel in this workshop, please call the studio at 604-250-5562 or email by hitting the contact button on the main page. . . . Saturday the 3rd and Sunday the 4th of February, 10am until 4.30pm. cost . . .$250 including taxes

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"LOOSENING UP" . . . acrylic alchemy with PERRY HADDOCK . . .
to Jan 28

"LOOSENING UP" . . . acrylic alchemy with PERRY HADDOCK . . .

Loose and Lively Acrylics           Perry Haddock, SFCA

The primary goal of this workshop is to encourage participants to approach landscape painting with an experimental attitude and the idea that, “It’s only ten bucks worth of materials . . .  Have some fun.” That isn’t to say that painting doesn’t require  knowledge of the principles of design and some discipline to apply them.  However, sometimes the anxiety of thinking we have to produce a “finished product” often results in tight drawing, tight brushwork, and slavish attention to photo sources.  Instead, let’s aim to challenge ourselves to “loosen up.”  Along the way, we’ll talk about composition, values, and colour as they apply to our paintings.


Participants are encouraged to bring several landscape photos as references.  The majority of the time will be spent painting, so make sure you have enough photos, canvasses, and snacks! 

To reserve a space in this workshop, call the studio at (604) 250-5562, or use the contact feature on the main page and send us an e-mail. A supply list and further information regarding the workshop will be provided upon registration. $250 including taxes

To reserve a space in this workshop, call the studio at (604) 250-5562, or use the contact feature on the main page and send us an e-mail. A supply list and further information regarding the workshop will be provided upon registration. $250 including taxes

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Dene Croft  . . . absolute beginners
to Dec 3

Dene Croft . . . absolute beginners

             Absolute beginners. . .  a two day workshop with DENE CROFT



. . . For those of you that have been wanting to try your hand at painting in oil but are not sure where to start


. . . For those with some past experience but feel the need for a bit of a creative leg-up


. . . For those that wanted to take the 2015 "101" workshop but couldn't . . . 


Once a year I take time out to offer a two day, step by step work-up in oil painting designed specifically with novice painters in mind and designed to take the mystery out of the medium and give you the shot of confidence that you need to tackle your own projects . . .


All materials provided; paint, canvases, brushes, mediums, refreshments . . . Just bring yourselves, an open mind and a willingness to learn and I will take you by the hand and walk you through the processes that I employ in building my paintings . . . 

All levels are welcome however this workshop is designed for artists with little or no experience . Limited to 10 participants only


Saturday, December 3rd, 2016 and Sunday December 4th 2016



PHONE 604-250-5562



COST . . . $250 (includes all supplies, applicable taxes and refreshments)


please register by calling the studio or using the contact feature on the main page.


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Creative embodiment - Inspiring artistic expression with yoga and art - with Jools Andres and Kathleen Ainscough
to Nov 12

Creative embodiment - Inspiring artistic expression with yoga and art - with Jools Andres and Kathleen Ainscough


Creative Embodiment - Fall Immersion with Jools Andrés and Kathleen Ainscough

Awaken, deepen, and free artistic expression through the body and senses

Wild Onion Retreats is pleased to present its 2-day retreat program at artist Dene Croft's roomy, ultra-equipped North Vancouver studio. Includes restorative and energizing yoga and free-form movement, guided meditation and relaxation, expert art instruction, and abundant - even surprising - multi-media supplies and tools.

You will take home a meaningful art piece and feel inspired to continue to live creatively at home, work, and play.

  • non-residential, comfortable weekend schedule (not too early, not too late)
  • participants with all levels of experience (beginner to advanced in art, yoga / movement) are welcome

Prepare to move, dive deep, get messy, and relish your creative inner self

Sat, 11 Nov 2017, 9:30 AM –

Sun, 12 Nov 2017, 4:30 PM PST

Cost . . $235 

Jools Andres and Kathleen Ainscough

Organizer of Creative Embodiment - Inspiring Artistic Expression with Yoga and Art

Experienced yoga teacher (E-RYT500, YACEP) and 200-hour yoga teacher trainer; writer and editor; BA psychology and creative writing. Jools also regularly participates in 5Rhythms free-form ecstatic dance classes and workshops and Zen Buddhist meditation practice.

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Dominik Modlinski . . .The great western landscape
to Nov 5

Dominik Modlinski . . .The great western landscape

Join Dominik again for a two day exploration in colour, light and the western landscape. Using a limited palette ( three primaries only) Dominik will demonstrate how he builds texture and luminosity in his beautiful oil landscapes. We will continue building on the concepts from the first workshop and introduce two more colour contrast theories.

The aim of the second workshop is to give students an expanded repertoire of painting tools in order to create thoughtful and intelligent compositions.

This workshop is open to both oil and acrylic mediums however is best suited to artists working in oil.

While Dominik is principally a plein-air painter and will be discussing in depth the techniques that he employs when painting in the wilderness, this workshop will be held in the expansive new studio in north Vancouver. 

Two days, November 5th and 6th, 10am until 4pm

Cost: $250

All inquiries and advanced bookings to or contact the studio for through the contact feature on the front page

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Pablo Ruben - Modern Spanish watercolour master
to Aug 6

Pablo Ruben - Modern Spanish watercolour master

Two days only -  Spanish modern master . . .  
                               PABLO RUBEN

Outright coincidence and some very fortunate timing has allowed us the privilege of hosting a two day workshop with this incredible watercolour master.

Mr Ruben is in Canada briefly to host two workshops in the United States, and has agreed to run a two day workshop before his return to Spain late August. This is guaranteed to be a world class experience ,as there are very few artists internationally with this level of ability, both as teacher and a painter.

Saturday, August 5th and Sunday, August 6th, 10 am until 4pm, both days.

Cost $250. 

light refreshments provided, supply list provided upon registration.
Please phone the studio to book or use the contact feature on the main page. The cut off date for payment and registration is the 26th of July.
Further information about Pablo Ruben is available on his website,

Dene Croft studios
118 Pemberton avenue
North Vancouver
ph 604-250-5562
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DENE CROFT . . .  Bending Light - The Urban Landscape
to Jul 30

DENE CROFT . . . Bending Light - The Urban Landscape

Saturday, July 29th and Sunday July 30th . . . 10am until 4pm - both days.

At least 3 years have passed since I have hosted one of these workshops and I have been told that it is about time I did another, so . . .  bring a photo of your favourite house, cottage, cityscape etc. and we'll spend the weekend exploring colour and composition and create something extraordinary from the everyday and ordinary; bending lines and distorting perspective to create a whimsical interpretation of your favourite urban scene. 

During this two day workshop we will also be covering a little art history (just the juicy stuff), basic principles of drawing and perspective, which products to use and which to leave on the shelf, tips and techniques used in building a professional quality painting  using traditional master techniques - how those techniques can be successfully employed by you to build your contemporary masterpiece! . . .lastly -  galleries and marketing and pricing your art (for those who are interested).

This workshop will be open to all levels however it is more suited to intermediate and advanced painters. If you consider yourself a beginner, you will do  fine but some painting experience is necessary. During the workshop I will be doing lots of demos and as always, there will be plenty of hand-holding should you need it . . .nobody gets left behind! Refreshments will be provided . . . just bring your paints (acrylic or oil), a canvas formatted to fit your subject ( no larger than 24 x 30 please) and a good quality subject photo (a few choices would be good), your lunch and an open mind. 

The class will be limited to 10 participants, so if you would like to reserve a space please do so a.s.a.p as these workshops generally fill within a few days. Please call the studio or reply to this e-mail to register . . .(604) 250-5562 and send payment of $250 by the 20th of July to Dene Croft at

Dene Croft studios and gallery

118 Pemberton avenue

North Vancouver, BC


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Alan Wylie . . . "Dry brush technique in oil and acrylic"
to May 21

Alan Wylie . . . "Dry brush technique in oil and acrylic"

Saturday the 20th of May and Sunday the 21st of May, 10am until 4pm

A two day workshop with master painter Alan Wylie exploring the methods and techniques that he uses in building his remarkable landscapes in acrylic and oil - $250 for the two days

Alan will spend the weekend with you demonstrating  his unique ability to create moody, atmospheric paintings using the 'dry brush" technique . . . 

Drybrush is a painting technique in which a paint brush that is relatively dry, but still holds paint, is used. Load is applied to a dry support such as paper or primed canvas. The resulting brush strokes have a characteristic scratchy look that lacks the smooth appearance that washes or blended paint commonly have.

This workshop is open to both acrylic and oil painters

Bring an image of your choice ( landscape, seascape, urban landscape, still life etc) your brushes, paints and canvases. A comprehensive supply list will be provided upon registration. 

Call the studio @ 604-250-5562 to book or send an email using the contact feature

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Demystifying portrait figure - master technique in contemporary portrait painting
to Nov 27

Demystifying portrait figure - master technique in contemporary portrait painting

Demystifying  portrait/figure

                         . . . 

master technique in contemporary portrait painting

. . . a two day workshop with Dene Croft exploring the methods and master techniques employed in building  portraits and figure studies in oil and acrylic. . .

This workshop deals principally with the palette and mixing flesh tones, the importance of under-paint - full instruction and demonstrations on building your portrait

 from the under paint or Grisaille, to the finished piece (. . . lots of hand holding - nobody gets left behind!) Using elements of abstraction to create mood and ambiance.

Two consecutive Saturdays -  Saturday the 26th of November and Sunday the 27th of November

10am until 4pm

Cost . . . $250 including taxes

Bring your lunch (some refreshments supplied), your prepared canvas (gessoed and lightly sanded)  your brushes and palette and most importantly, a very clear 8x10 colour photo of your subject. We will provide the paint, mediums etc.

We will be covering topics from lighting and shooting your subjects, the importance of pre-studies, composition and preparing your canvas, incorporating other mediums into your portrait

, mixing colour, setting up the palette, Grisaille and other master techniques. We will also cover a little art history and discuss the "rogues gallery" of history's portrait painters. . .a bit of a who's-who; an in-depth look at what they really got up to in their studios; their relationships with apprentices and popes, and the many and varied cheats, tricks and techniques that they employed in their painting.

Space will be limited to 10 artists so if you would like to book a place, phone the studio at

604-250-5562 and forward a cheque made out to Dene Croft, in the amount of $250 and send to the studio no later than November 20th

 N.B . . . as we generally maintain a waiting list for this event, we  must insist on early registration as we are no longer able to accept payments on the day of the workshop.

Dene Croft studios

118 Pemberton avenue

North Vancouver, BC




Katia workshop demo 12x12 -11
Vitamin X 20x20 - 14 4
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